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      Yes, We Often Notice ‘Unnecessary’ Risks Others Take When We Completely Ignore Our Own Safety at Home

      By Andrew Dubler | August 30, 2018

      The child playing too close to the road. The teenager driving a little too fast down those back streets. The young adult becoming too interested in extreme sports and other activities. We see it all the time. It’s so easy for most of us to spot unnecessary risks or dangers to others when we completely…

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      Three Reasons Some Seniors Wind Up Back in the Hospital Before Long

      By Dr. Shelly Chinkes, DPM | August 29, 2018

      Who, in their right mind, would ever want to end up back in the hospital after a stay for several days or even weeks? Not many people will readily admit this. In fact, the vast majority of men and women all across the country would likely indicate they would prefer to never set foot inside…

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      Why Home Care Is a Growing Industry

      By Kate Jenkins | August 28, 2018

      Currently, the home care industry is the number one job creator in the country. There are plenty of reasons for this, but the most significant is that more people prefer to remain at home, or ‘age in place’ as opposed to any other option. However, not many people really understand what home care providers do.…

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      Fretting About the Future Could Cause Some Families to Miss the Gifts in the Present

      By Roy Kleinert | August 27, 2018

      How often do you worry about the future? Most of us get caught up in the general fears and anxieties that everyday life throws our way. It could be a financial crisis, losing a job and suddenly find yourself struggling to keep up with the mortgage payments. It might be a health related issue, either…

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      3 Steps That May Help Seniors Reduce Stroke Risks, Before or After a Hospitalization

      By Andrew Dubler | July 26, 2018

      Mildred was in the hospital, not because of some unexpected emergency, but for major surgery. The surgery was necessary to help her stay in good health, but it was going to require a lengthy recovery. Not only would it take several weeks for her to recover from the surgery itself, she was then looking at…

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      Some Home Care Aides Help Their Elderly Clients Connect with Loved Ones Through Technology, and This Could Be a Great Way to Boost Spirits

      By Dr. Shelly Chinkes, DPM | July 25, 2018

      If you’ve ever spent a significant amount of time isolated from friends and family, whether you were traveling for work or some other issue, you understand how challenging it can be to stay emotionally positive when you feel so isolated, cut off, and alone. When people get older and begin slowing down, struggling with their…

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