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      Connecting with Younger Veterans Can Benefit Seniors and Help Them Learn About Valuable Pensions Like Aid and Attendance

      By Andrew Dubler | March 29, 2018

      For aging veterans, some might have a difficult time connecting with younger generations. The experiences they had during their time of service will often be much different than those of their counterparts in their 30s, 40s, or even their 50s. However, there are plenty of benefits to connecting with younger veterans that extend far beyond…

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      Heart Disease Doesn’t Have to Control the Senior in Your Life

      By Dr. Shelly Chinkes, DPM | March 28, 2018

      Heart disease is serious. If a person has been diagnosed with any type of heart disease or recently suffered a heart attack, whether it was mild, moderate, or severe, it can change their life. A person in their 70s or 80s who is suddenly dealing with heart disease will likely have been hospitalized recently. They…

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      The Best Support Options for Seniors Are Often Experienced Home Care Aides

      By Kate Jenkins | March 27, 2018

      Most people understand that as they get older they will face new challenges. Their physical abilities will diminish. It’s one of the main reasons athletes generally retire in their 30s or, at the latest, their 40s, at least from the highest level of professional competitiveness. Their body doesn’t recover as quickly, their stamina diminishes, and…

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      Some People Just Don’t Care About Hospital Readmissions, but Here’s Why They Should

      By Roy Kleinert | March 26, 2018

      It’s easy to dismiss the concerns of others, especially when you don’t see the challenges they view in the same way. For example, an elderly person who has been hospitalized following a slip and fall accident where they sustained a sprained ankle might try to brush this off. This individual may still feel like he…

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      One Fundamental Component to Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates Is Healthy Living

      By Patti Maltese, and Kelly McCabe | March 23, 2018

      The moment a person finds himself in the hospital because of a medical emergency or an accident, they may be looking at a long recovery. While there’s nothing that can now be done to change what has happened, there are steps that individual can take to improve their chances of recovery. Recovery is the focus,…

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      5 Ways to Help an Aging Parent Stay Safer

      By Andrew Dubler | February 26, 2018

      When you’re worried about the safety of your mother or father, especially as they get older, it can cause you to lose sleep at night. It’s easy to start drifting off and suddenly a thought occurs to you: what if they fell and haven’t been able to call for help? Safety for seniors can be…

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