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      When the Motivation to Care for an Aging Parent Loses Out to the Stress It Causes

      By Andrew Dubler | May 28, 2018

      At first, Rachel was more than happy to help her mother. At 76 and living alone, Rachel knew she was having some difficulties with her health and mobility. She had been doing some things -running some errands- for her for several years, but she never considered herself a caregiver. When her mother had been hospitalized…

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      What Could ‘Connecting’ with Other Family Caregivers Do for Stress Levels?

      By Dr. Shelly Chinkes, DPM | May 25, 2018

      Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: taking care of an aging or disabled adult in your family is going to cause stress. You might not consider yourself a caregiver, but if you help somebody with certain basic tasks and it becomes a consistent thing, even if it’s just during recovery from a major medical emergency…

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      A Simple Fall for an Elderly Person Could Lead to Serious Health Issues

      By Kate Jenkins | May 23, 2018

      The mortality rate (within a year) for a person who is 80 or older and breaks his or her hip is as high as 27 percent (Schnell at al). That means one in four seniors this age won’t survive another year if they break their hip. Injuries of other kinds can also lead to serious…

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      If an Aging Veteran Receives Medicaid, He Won’t Qualify for Aid and Attendance Benefits

      By Roy Kleinert | May 21, 2018

      Some aging veterans may understand the true value in home care support services. For those considered ‘wartime veterans’ they may have heard about the Aid and Attendance Benefit. They know that this pension was designed to help provide financial assistance to pay for home care support services. They may be limited with their income and…

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      How Much Do You Know About Alzheimer’s?

      By Patti Maltese, and Kelly McCabe | May 18, 2018

      If somebody in your life has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, this could very well be the first direct experience you have with this or any other type of dementia. You will be faced with numerous questions, fears, anxieties, and concerns about the future. You certainly want this person to be comfortable and maybe feel…

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      3 Reasons Home Care Is a Great Support for Families (and Not Just Seniors)

      By Andrew Dubler | April 27, 2018

      There are a number of reasons why home care is such a great option for people when they have difficulty with their own mobility. When a person needs assistance with some basic tasks of everyday life, they may rely on a spouse, friend, family member, or even a home care aide. Home care is, honestly,…

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