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Home Care Reduces Hospital Readmission Rates for Seniors Who Have Been Hospitalized with Pneumonia in Chestertown MD

You have been coughing; having chills and have had difficulty breathing. You also have a high fever and are so tired. You think it’s the flu but your doctor diagnoses you with pneumonia. Your doctor admits you to the hospital quickly to get you into the first stages of recovery.

Reduce Hospital Readmission RatesPneumonia’s hidden dangers

Pneumonia is a very serious health issue for seniors. Since it develops rapidly from being a minor infection to a life threatening one, it’s important for you to get medical treatment quickly. The symptoms are very similar to the flu and only a professional can tell the difference. And since this infection affects your lungs and can lead to other serious illnesses too if left untreated, know the symptoms. If you have nausea, fatigue, vomiting, shortness of breath, chest pain, a feeling of pressure on your chest like you can’t get your breath; see your doctor immediately. You will be admitted to the hospital and started on the treatment needed.

You’re home, now what?

The recovery time for pneumonia is anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. If you’re really sick, it can take even longer. It’s very important for you to get enough rest and allow yourself to build up your strength and energy to get better. If you live alone or your family is having difficulty caring for you, a home care provider is an excellent alternative.

You may not be very hungry while recovering, and this is perfectly natural. Your home care provider can provide easy to consume yet nutritional food for you to eat. Your home companion will maintain your fluid intake too. It’s important to drink plenty of fluids to loosen the mucus in your lungs. By coughing up the mucus, it will help to move the infection which aids in your faster recovery. And by your home care provider making sure you have the nutritional support and the fluids you need, you then can concentrate on getting better faster.

What else does a home care provider do?

A home care provider can relieve your worry and stress by doing light housekeeping and laundry. This companion can make sure you don’t miss your medication and that you are taking the correct dosage. The home care provider can also make sure you take all the medication prescribed and that you don’t stop taking medication when you start to feel better. Also, the home care provider can help you with mobility issues. Because once home you may have trouble moving or feel weak, the home care provider is there to make sure that you are safe. This health care provider is there to monitor you and make sure you don’t have any setbacks. Or if you do, to get you the care immediately that you’ll need.

A home care provider being hired to help you after a case of pneumonia can be a wise choice. This companion will keep you safe, and help you back on the road to recovery.

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