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Live-In Care Crumpton MD: Live-In Home Care Can Keep Your Parents Together

Live-In Care As your parents grow older, more health-related illnesses start to go wrong. Your parents have been together for over 50 years for better or for worse. Now the worse is starting to happen.

If one spouse starts to fail health wise, the care falls on the remaining spouse. The role of caregiver falls on the healthier of the two spouses, even though she may have issues too. Because your parents have always been there for each other, they may not even think of asking for help from their adult children. They may not want to burden you with their issues or they fear they could end up in a nursing home. So this is where you may want to step in.

You can suggest another more feasible option for them. There is affordable and customized care which is available right in your parents’ home. Since your parents would most likely want to age in their home, live-in home care would be the perfect solution. Your parents can maintain their level of independence while being safe and well taken care of. With 24 hours around the clock care, your parents are watched over by a caretaker.  She can offer them emotional support when needed, help to reduce fall risk and remind your parents to take their medication on schedule.

When aging seniors are forced to move away from the comfort of their home and familiar surroundings, they can suffer from emotional strain and a sense of loss. This will often cause a physical decline, a diminished quality of life as well as loss of independence. By having a live in companion, your parents will be able to stay in their home and be well cared for. This will help to promote good health and emotional well-being. The support from the caregiver is tailored to fit your parent’s individual needs. Personal status, hobbies, personal preferences and the lifestyle of your parents are all taken into consideration when prospective individuals are sent for you and your parents to choose from. The idea is to find a companion who is compatible with your parents and will get along well with them.

Typically, a primary caretaker will be at your parents’ home 5 days a week. A secondary individual will cover the shifts for the remainder of the days left. Caregivers can also accompany your parents on vacation if needed. This gives your parents both freedom and safety.

If your parents need to go to doctor appointments she can go along. She can take notes and any instructions the doctor gives. She can keep you updated as well as report any problems or issues which may arise.

A live in home care companion can help keep your parents together in their own house as long as it’s feasible. It will make both you and them happy.


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