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Live-In Care Galena MD: 4 Signs that Live-In Care for Seniors Isn’t Enough Anymore

Live-In Care  Your dad was doing well for a long time living on his own. Then you realized that he was having some difficulty with his own care, so you talked to him and you both agreed that a caregiver would be ideal for a couple of days a week. Then it was more and soon he was relying on live in care for seniors.

Now things are progressing and you are wondering whether it’s time to make a change. Maybe you’re thinking that it’s time for assisted living or other options. You simply don’t know whether 24 hour care at home is the right thing anymore.

There are a few signs that you may notice that could indicate that live in care for seniors isn’t enough any longer.

  1. Changes in personality. Your father may have a different personality now. He might be withdrawing from his friends, refusing to go out and take part in certain activities that he once considered enjoyable and that you believe he could still be doing, but just isn’t. Maybe he appears angrier now. Maybe he’s feeling isolated. Maybe he doesn’t feel as though he has anything to offer right now. Could that mean assisted living is the right option? No, but it could mean that he needs something to catch his interest. Perhaps the live in caregiver could encourage him more to get involved in the things that he used to enjoy.
  2. Eating habits are changing. Maybe your father is refusing to eat certain meals. Maybe the caregiver is cooking, but he’s not eating. This could be due to medications, meal preparation, or even the type of food that the live in caregiver is making for him. It could also be medication related.
  3. Trouble with finances. If your father is having trouble paying his bills, keeping his checkbook in order, and other aspects of his financial care, assisted living might be an option, but he may just need someone to take over those finances. This could be you or a financial accountant. Don’t talk to the live in caregiver about taking over the finances, though, as this can create conflicts of interest.
  4. Personal care problems. Do you notice that your father’s hygiene isn’t as good as it was? This could be related to issues that can be easily addressed and corrected with the caregiver.

These points were pulled from the Blog, 8 Signs that May Suggest It’s Time for Assisted Living.

Even though you might notice issues with your father’s care, that doesn’t mean it’s time to end live in care for seniors and to consider assisted living. There are usually a number of things that can be done to improve the quality of care at home for him.

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