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Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Stevensville MD: Are Your Aging Parents Taking Their Medications? Home Care Helps with Medication Reminders

Reduce Hospital Readmission RatesMedication compliance is one of the most important things that your aging loved one can do to make sure that his condition is properly managed and that his health is supported. Unfortunately, medication compliance is also one of the most commonly forgotten things among seniors. Medication compliance refers to not only taking medication that is prescribed by physicians, but taking that medication at the correct time every day. This type of compliance is crucial to maintaining your aging loved one’s health because his physician designed his course of treatment specifically in order to address his medical needs, and following this plan precisely is the best way of keeping medical conditions under control.

Noncompliance with medication plans by a senior is not about being difficult or stubborn. While these may be elements of your aging parents not wanting to take their medications on time, most likely it is simply a matter of be overwhelmed or forgetting the details of the treatment plan. Especially if they are taking several different types of medication, it can be difficult to remember the exact dosage and the time of day at which they are supposed to take their medications. A home care companion can make medication compliance much easier for your aging loved one.

A home care companion can provide valuable reminders for your aging parents to take their medication, and what dosages they need to take. This allows your parents to remain independent in their own home, but also ensures that they will take their medications correctly in order to support their health. The companion may have several different techniques for providing these medication reminders. They can include:

  • Creating a large calendar that will be prominently placed in an area where your parents frequent. This calendar will have the medications, dosages and schedule listed, perhaps in a color-coded manner so that your parents can see when they are stress to take their medication and what to take.
  • Setting an alarm that will go off at the specific time at which medication should be taken. This will remind your parents that it is time to take their medication.
  • Organizing medication in such a way that it is in the order in which it should be taken, and making notes as to the dosages and time of day.

It is important that your aging parents know that medication compliance is a critical part of them taking care of themselves. An element of independence is the responsibility of keeping up with the recommendations of their doctors. A home care companion can be a valuable asset in supporting their medication compliance, ensuring that each medication is taken when it is supposed to and in the amount that is supposed to be taken.

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