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The Road to Recovery in 3 Simple to Understand Steps

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Matawan NJReduce-Hospital-Readmission-Rates-in-Matawan-NJ

How long is it going to take your aging father to recover from this heart attack? It may be the first he endured, but it could also be the second, third, or some other number. Whatever the case may be, recovery is something he’s looking at and it could take weeks or even months.

Your father may not be thinking much about hospital readmission rates, how to reduce them, and maybe not even getting back to life as he once knew it. He could be focused on what he lost, worried about another heart attack, losing his life, or feeling regret for things he didn’t accomplish or conversations he never had with loved ones.

Recovery takes time, but it also requires perseverance and dedication from the individual overcoming that health issue or injury. Here are three simple steps your father can follow that will improve the chances of him making a full recovery and, subsequently, getting back to enjoying life on his own terms.

Simple Step #1: Follow doctor’s orders.

Your father should follow his doctor’s orders as closely as possible. They could include physical therapy, doing certain exercises, changing his diet, cutting out certain bad habits like drinking alcohol or smoking, and so on.

Whatever his doctor has recommended he do, he should take that advice seriously. Not everything is going to be easy, but if he wants to take charge of his life again and enjoy some things he used to do on a regular basis, he should make sure he’s clear on those instructions.

Simple Step #2: Rely on experienced support.

Hiring a home care aide is the best thing any senior can do when they are discharged from the hospital. It’s a great decision because the more experience a caregiver has, the easier it’s going to be for them to encourage their elderly client to stay active, motivated, and get exercise.

Relying on family members and friends for this type of support may seem reasonable, but it’s far too easy and even tempting to dismiss their concerns or advice because of that familial connection.

Simple Step #3: Be honest.

If your father is not feeling well one day, he should be honest. He should not try to put on a strong façade to help you or anyone else feel more comfortable with the situation. It’s not going to be benefiting him to ‘put on airs.’

If your father is willing and able to follow these simple steps, he could find recovery will go a bit smoother and be able to enjoy the things in life that still matter to him.


If you or an aging loved one are considering elderly care in Matawan NJ, please contact the caring staff at Lares Home Care 1-800-781-7435 or 732-566-1112.

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Roy Kleinert

Roy Kleinert is the owner of Lares Home Care which was started in early 2015.After working on Wall Street for 25 years Roy decided to start a home care business to help seniors age in place with dignity and grace.Lares Home Care is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and making sure clients get the best care.Roy resides in Marlboro with his beloved wife, two children and two dogs.Roy volunteers along with his pet therapy dog Max at local hospital, rehab facility and senior living homes.Roy also volunteers with both of his daughter’s softball teams.

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