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3 Characteristics of a Wonderful Home Care Aide

Home Care Options for Seniors in Cherry Hill NJ

Home Care Options for SeniorsHiring a home care aide can feel a bit like throwing darts in the dark. You kind of know where the dartboard is, but if you can’t see it, it’s just blind luck if you hit it or the numbers you’re hoping to. In reality, though, the more you know about home care support and assistance, the easier it’s going to be to hire the right home care aide for you or an elderly loved one.

The best place to go for home care support.

You have a number of options, including replying to an ad you see on a website or placing an ad in the local newspaper searching for an independent caregiver. This may seem reasonable, especially when you consider the cost, but you don’t know their qualifications or history.

They could have a criminal record. They could have victimized other people in the past. They could very well be honest, reliable, caring, compassionate individuals. You just don’t know.

When you hire somebody through an agency, though, you get the added benefit of experience and a person who has likely gone through an intensive interview process and possibly even a background check. You also get the support of the entire agency so if that particular caregiver is sick, there will be somebody who can take care of your loved one.
Below are three characteristics you might want to look for in a home care aide. These characteristics can highlight a great caregiver who would be ideally suited to take care of your loved one.

Characteristic #1: Experience.

A home care aide who has experience is going to be extremely beneficial for the senior or disabled adult. Experience can go a long way toward providing the right support and encouragement to stay active.

Characteristic #2: Kindness.

A person who is kind, caring, and compassionate is going to be looking out for the best interest of the other individual. Some caregivers may only be doing this for a job, a paycheck. That’s okay, but that doesn’t mean your loved one is going to be getting the best support he or she needs.

A great home care aide is somebody who is kind and is constantly looking to do the best for their clients.

Characteristic #3: Compassion.

A home care aide who is compassionate is going to be going out of his or her way to best care for their elderly or disabled clients.

When you find a home care aide who has these characteristics, you’ll know your loved one is in great hands.

For home care options for seniors in Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding areas, call and talk to us at Home to Stay Healthcare Solutions (856) 720-0100.

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Andrew Dubler

I am the Owner of Home to Stay of Cherry Hill, NJ. Home to Stay is a licensed New Jersey home care agency, providing full service home care support, both live-in and hourly, for elderly and other NJ clients. Services include: light housekeeping, personal care, meal preparation, family respite, errands, etc. In general, a customized plan is designed with the client’s particular situation in mind. We use NJ State Certified Home Health Care Aides.