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The First Light of Spring: Keeping Seniors Safe After a Winter Indoors

Spring is in the air. Even though it may be a few weeks away in many parts of the country, the weather is beginning to warm up and there have been a few extremely nice days already. For a senior who is living at home, whether they are alone or not, they may feel cooped up from a long winter and are anxious to get outside on those nicer days.

Senior Home Safety in Mt. Laurel NJ: Spring Safety

Senior Home Safety in Mt. Laurel NJ: Spring Safety

Those first days of spring can pose a number of potential safety hazards, especially for somebody with limited mobility or diminished strength. It’s important that they have the right type of support on hand whenever they need it.

Remind them of their limits.

Some people, from time to time, need to be reminded of their limitations. Some of these limits could be physical while others are emotional or mental. If the senior feels excited about the prospect of getting out into the yard, picking up a few sticks, or preparing the garden for planting season, they may overlook the challenges they have getting up and down stairs or simply walking down the hall.

Home care may help.

When family or friends are not around to assist the senior, he or she may get frustrated feeling like they’re still cooped up, even as the weather turns warmer. This is where a home care aide could be a valuable asset.

Sit down and speak to this elderly individual about the prospect of hiring home care aides.

Even one caregiver hired for just two hours a day once or twice a week can provide the senior the support he or she needs to get outside when the weather turns nicer.

This elderly individual may just want to sit outside and be surrounded by a nice warm breeze, the sound of birds chirping, and more. That’s not the only thing to keep in mind, though, with regard to safety for seniors at home when the weather turns warmer.

Make sure those walkways are clean and clear.

Winter can throw a lot of leaves around, sticks can fall, and sand and other debris may litter common walkways. Just make sure they are free and clear of this debris to reduce tripping hazards.

Spring is an exciting time of the year for many people, so just make sure the elderly individual in your life stays safe all the way to and through summer and beyond.

For home care options to improve senior home safety in Mt.Laurel, NJ, and the surrounding areas, call and talk to us at Home to Stay Healthcare Solutions (856) 720-0100.

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Andrew Dubler

I am the Owner of Home to Stay of Cherry Hill, NJ. Home to Stay is a licensed New Jersey home care agency, providing full service home care support, both live-in and hourly, for elderly and other NJ clients. Services include: light housekeeping, personal care, meal preparation, family respite, errands, etc. In general, a customized plan is designed with the client’s particular situation in mind. We use NJ State Certified Home Health Care Aides.

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