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Three Tips for Choosing the Right Home Care Agency

Now that you have convinced your elderly father to rely on a home care aide, you understand the benefits of finding this caregiver through an agency. Depending on where your father lives, he may have a number of options. In metropolitan regions there are probably numerous home care agencies providing services to his part of town.

Now it’s a matter of choosing the right agency for him.

Home Care for Seniors in Medford NJ: Picking the Right Agency

Home Care for Seniors in Medford NJ: Picking the Right Agency

Below are three tips that may help you and him determine which agency is going to provide the best support and care for him. The more effort you put into looking for the right caregiver, the more likely he will end up with somebody who is truly compassionate, caring, and experience.

Tip #1: Ask about their coverage area.

If a home care agency is located on the opposite side of the city from your father, they may say they cover his region, but they could be trying to expand their operations. Will they actually have caregivers willing to travel that far?

Proximity is often a better solution when looking for a home care agency. If your father is limited in his options because he lives in a rural area, this question may be a moot point. If they cover the area where your father lives, their caregivers may have to travel up to an hour to reach him and some other clients.

Tip #2: Ask about their hiring practices.

Do they conduct thorough interviews? Do they run background checks on all of their potential caregivers? Do they provide training? These are keys that can help you and your father determine which agency to hire, especially if you have options.

Tip #3: Find out what happens if your father is not getting along with a particular aide.

If your father ultimately doesn’t seem to get along with an aide that is placed with him, is there any recourse? Would he or you be able to contact the agency and have a different caregiver assigned to him? He should be able to have that luxury. After all, no one should be working with somebody with whom they don’t feel comfortable and confident.

When you set out to find the right home care agency for your father, mother, or some other loved one, just make sure you ask the right questions and do your homework. When you do, it should lead to a great experience and wonderful support for that senior who needs help.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care for a senior in Medford, NJ, please contact Always There In Home Health Care at 856-409-5978.

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Mariela McCarrie

Mariela Vila Mc Carrie started Always There in Home Health Care 8 years ago inspired by her mother, who today stills sufferers with vesicular dementia.

As a family owned and run home care company she had to make several big decisions, whether to invest in a franchise or explore other options?

For Mariela after reviewing the restrictions and cost’s associated with a franchise the decision was easy the care she wanted to offer her clients should not be based on monthly franchise payment it should be based on the client’s needs.

At Always There we only hire the most qualified caregivers and in order to do that we offer an excellent starting salary. We would rather pay caregivers then a franchise company.

Mariela as the owner of Always There and unlike other owners of home care agencies, she visits every client first. We believe that if the owner cannot take the time to visit a family wanting to discuss home care for their loved then they don’t deserve the privilege of caring for that person.

As a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Certified Senior Advisor Mariela and her team of certified caregivers have provided care to families throughout south Jersey with over 60% of our clients requesting live-in care.

When deciding if homecare is right for you and your family be sure to consider the number of years a company/office has in the industry, whether or not the owners make themselves personally available 24 hours 7 days a week and most important do they only employ certified professionals to care for your loved one. After all They deserve it.

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