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Delving into ‘Alternative’ Treatments for Alzheimer’s

Since there’s no cure for Alzheimer’s disease yet, many people have a tendency to look to outside sources or what may be more commonly referred to as ‘alternative’ treatments. Some of these alternative treatments may have to do with new age ideas, dietary changes, altering the living environment, creating a more positive energy, so to speak, and so on.

When a person has been dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, whether they were recently diagnosed or have been experiencing signs and symptoms of it for several years, there are going to be temptations for alternative remedies.

Proper care is essential.

Alzheimer's Care in Cherry Hill NJ: Alternative Treatment

Alzheimer’s Care in Cherry Hill NJ: Alternative Treatment

No matter what avenue a person travels down in search of finding the right support for a loved one or themselves, they need to consider proper and adequate care. That should always start by hiring an experienced home care aide.

Yes, family want to do whatever they can to help.

In most situations, family members of somebody recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s will likely have no direct experience with this disease. Their grandmother or great-grandfather, for example, may have been diagnosed with it when they were children, but they have no direct experience supporting somebody dealing with this form of dementia.

That’s why it’s so important to rely on somebody with experience.

By focusing on hiring a home care aide who has prior experience supporting seniors dealing with Alzheimer’s, they will have a number of strategies in place to provide the best care, safety, and support.

Once adequate and ideal care is secured, then it may be okay to begin pursuing other options. However, there is no cure for the disease and while it may feel great to have some hope with certain alternative treatment options, rarely do these hold any real weight.

Exercise is still essential.

It’s not an alternative treatment, but getting mental exercise remains one of the best things anyone can do to not just reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, but also helping to delay the onset of more serious aspects of memory loss. Research is indicating that mental stimulation early in the disease’s progression may help delay the onset of more serious aspects of memory loss (Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation).

It all starts with proper care, though.

No matter what types of treatments or other options a person looks into, hiring an experienced and dedicated home care aide as early as possible can have tremendous benefits, not just in the current situation, but in the years to come.

For Alzheimer’s care in Cherry Hill, NJ, and the surrounding areas, call and talk to us at Home to Stay Healthcare Solutions (856) 720-0100.

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Andrew Dubler

I am the Owner of Home to Stay of Cherry Hill, NJ. Home to Stay is a licensed New Jersey home care agency, providing full service home care support, both live-in and hourly, for elderly and other NJ clients. Services include: light housekeeping, personal care, meal preparation, family respite, errands, etc. In general, a customized plan is designed with the client’s particular situation in mind. We use NJ State Certified Home Health Care Aides.

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