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The Benefits of Consistent Home Care Support

Consistency is crucial to a person’s recovery, health, well-being, and satisfaction in life. If things are not consistent, for example, for an elderly individual who has difficulty with mobility, they can become frustrated. They may also take it upon themselves to try and get out of bed, get into and out of the shower, or go down the stairs to do laundry.

What happens when a support system isn’t there?

Home Care for Seniors in East Windsor NJ: Consistent Support

Home Care for Seniors in East Windsor NJ: Consistent Support

A lot of people decide to look after their elderly and disabled loved ones. These family caregivers have the best of intentions, but most of us already know where that path leads. Intentions are great, but if that family caregiver becomes incredibly busy throughout the day, has to delay getting over to their loved one’s house, or may even miss an afternoon or evening providing support to that senior, this can create a potentially dangerous situation for the senior.

If the senior doesn’t get the help he or she expects, what could happen?

They might try to do things that they simply can’t do safely. They could be injured as a result. The frustration can build. That’s why it’s so important to have consistent home care services.

So, what are the true benefits of home care support, especially when it is consistent?

As we just mentioned, family caregivers may not be as consistent as they would like to be. Many of these men and women have regular jobs and other responsibilities. That can interfere with their ability to get to their loved one’s house and help them with any number of things on any given day.

Second, seniors will know when help is set to arrive.

When relying on experienced and professional home care support, elderly men and women will be able to rest comfortably knowing exactly what time the aide or other caregiver is going to be there.

For example, if the senior needs help getting up in the morning and getting out of bed, wouldn’t it be great to know that an experienced caregiver will be there at, for example, 7 AM? If their family member is unable to get there because they’re running late to work, they might have to struggle to get out of bed on their own, thus putting themselves at risk.

Third, many home care agencies offer support.

This support can be for their aides, seniors, other clients, and their family members. This support can come in the form of emotional support, companionship, and physical assistance.

Another benefit to relying on home care options is to think about illnesses. What happens in the event that a family caregiver gets sick? Who will be looking out for that senior?

These are just a few benefits that home care offers, especially when it involves consistency.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring home care for a senior in East Windsor, NJ or the surrounding areas, please call Independence Home Care today at 609-208-1111 for more information.

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Teresa Sajkowski, RN BSN CHPN

Trust Owners Teresa & Vincent Sajkowski with all of your home care needs. Independence Home Care was founded in 2010 by Teresa, Vincent and their family who have a combined total of over 75 years of professional Home Care experience. Together we have created Independence Home Care to improve Home Health Care and to allow our clients to remain Independent in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

With the owners of the company directly involved in the care for our clients, we provide a more compassionate hands-on-approach. We pride ourselves on hard work, honesty, and communication. Independence Home Care is truly unique in the services we provide when compared to other franchised and big business organizations.

Independence Home Care is one of New Jersey’s largest non-franchised, family owned home care agency.

We promote health and independence for all our clients while offering support and respite for their loved ones. We understand the need for independence and importance of meeting this basic need. Our caregiver’s can provide you with the quality of life you deserve.

We not only provide you with a carefully selected caregiver to match you or your loved one, we also continue to be involved and provide specific additional care without any extra costs, such as Registered Nurse Case Supervision, 24-hour On-Call, and Specialized Alzheimer and Dementia training and much, much more.

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