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A Driving Skills Checklist for Seniors That Can Improve Safety

How safe are you when you get behind the wheel of an automobile? Most people would say they are incredibly safe. Even people who have been involved in numerous accidents, caused several close calls, and may have a tendency to text while driving might very well say and believe they are safe. For seniors, safety is absolutely essential, not just at home, but whenever they go out.

Senior Home Safety in Whiting NJ: Driving Skills Checklist

Senior Home Safety in Whiting NJ: Driving Skills Checklist

Below is a simple driving skills checklist that anyone can take to determine whether or not they are truly safe when driving.

Checklist Item #1: When was your most recent fender bender or accident?

If somebody has recently been involved in even the slightest fender bender or run into a wall even though no damage occurred, it’s important to acknowledge this. If the senior has several little mishaps in the past six months or even the past year, it’s time to sit down and talk about the prospect they may not be as safe behind the wheel as they want to believe.

Checklist Item #2: How fast do you drive?

Younger individuals often have a tendency to speed everywhere they go. They feel completely in control, but what they fail to realize is that somebody can pull out, a child could run into the street, or an animal can dart across in front of them at any given second. The faster you drive, the longer it will take to stop and it also becomes much easier to lose control if you have to jerk the wheel.

For some seniors, though, they often drive well below the posted speed limit. While it may seem safer, with people hurrying about, these slow drivers can also lead to an increased risk of accidents. Does that seem fair that the person driving slower should be penalized? No, but that is reality, and it’s also important to take note.

Checklist Item #3: Do you feel safe?

Sometimes people don’t feel as safe as they want to when getting behind the wheel, but seniors may not believe they have any other option. If an elderly person believes he or she won’t be able to visit with friends, go to the stores on their own, and even visit certain points of interest, they may be more reluctant to give up their license to drive.

If a person doesn’t feel safe behind the wheel, they should look at other options. Relying on home care support can be valuable in not only providing physical assistance when needed, but many experienced aides do offer transportation to their clients to go to the store, doctors’ appointments, and sometimes even to visit with friends.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care to improve senior home safety in Whiting, NJ, contact the caring staff at Care Street Home Care’s Ocean/Monmouth Division. Call today 732-719-7011.

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