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Help with Daily Care Can Be Found with Home Care Aides

Greg was 76, living alone, and having some difficulties. He recently had a minor heart attack and though he had been hospitalized for a few days, his doctor expected he would make a full recovery, as long as he followed instructions, got exercise, and changed his diet. Greg had difficulty sticking to things.

Home Care for Seniors in Medford NJ: Help with Daily Care

Home Care for Seniors in Medford NJ: Help with Daily Care

He never thought about home care as an option.

Even though his doctor recommended he have somebody supporting him, whether it was a family member, friend, or even a neighbor, he didn’t want to bother his neighbors, didn’t have many friends in the area who could help, and his family lived across the country. He didn’t know anything about home care options, through an agency or otherwise.

Before long, though, Greg started realizing just how challenging some things were becoming. Part of it had to do with his age and part of it had to do with the residual effects of the heart attack. He found himself eating more frequently, being unmotivated to exercise, and felt lonely.

He started letting things go.

Greg was cleaning less frequently. His laundry was piling up. The washer and dryer was in the basement and just going down and back up the stairs was an ordeal he simply didn’t want to bother with anymore.

He would take his dirty laundry and toss it down to the bottom of the stairs, where it eventually collected on the last couple of steps, posing a serious hazard for somebody becoming uncomfortable with each step.

After some time like this, Greg was talking to a friend on the phone who recommended home care services. He never thought much about home care options, and at first assumed it was just too expensive for him. However, when he started calling around to various agencies in the area, he realized it was actually an affordable option to consider.

He met with a couple potential caregivers and found one with whom he had a lot in common. He hired this individual and discovered that he could still do a lot for himself, and having somebody to support him, emotionally and physically, was a great motivator.

His daily care, personal hygiene, and even his diet vastly improved during this first couple of weeks. It only took him about six weeks to feel completely recovered and get a clean bill of health from his doctor, at which point he no longer needed the home care aide, but he knew if he ever needed somebody again, that was who he would call.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care for seniors in Medford, NJ, please contact Always There In Home Health Care at 856-409-5978.

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Mariela McCarrie

Mariela Vila Mc Carrie started Always There in Home Health Care 8 years ago inspired by her mother, who today stills sufferers with vesicular dementia.

As a family owned and run home care company she had to make several big decisions, whether to invest in a franchise or explore other options?

For Mariela after reviewing the restrictions and cost’s associated with a franchise the decision was easy the care she wanted to offer her clients should not be based on monthly franchise payment it should be based on the client’s needs.

At Always There we only hire the most qualified caregivers and in order to do that we offer an excellent starting salary. We would rather pay caregivers then a franchise company.

Mariela as the owner of Always There and unlike other owners of home care agencies, she visits every client first. We believe that if the owner cannot take the time to visit a family wanting to discuss home care for their loved then they don’t deserve the privilege of caring for that person.

As a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Certified Senior Advisor Mariela and her team of certified caregivers have provided care to families throughout south Jersey with over 60% of our clients requesting live-in care.

When deciding if homecare is right for you and your family be sure to consider the number of years a company/office has in the industry, whether or not the owners make themselves personally available 24 hours 7 days a week and most important do they only employ certified professionals to care for your loved one. After all They deserve it.

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