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How to Cope with a Senior Who Refuses All Home Care Options

How do you deal with a person who is being obstinate, stubborn, or unruly? Many parents have to contend with these issues when their children are growing up and becoming teenagers especially. When an elderly person seems to be refusing any type of help, especially home care options, it can be frustrating for their spouse, adult children, or others who are sacrificing their time and energy to help them stay safe.

Home Care for Seniors in Colts Neck NJ: Dealing with a Senior who Refuses Care

Home Care for Seniors in Colts Neck NJ: Dealing with a Senior who Refuses Care

Getting angry is not the right solution.

When somebody is devoting so much time and energy to helping their elderly parent or other person they care about, and when they start talking about home care options to help, yet that senior flat out refuses to even talk about it, it is certainly frustrating. It can make a person feel trapped.

They may have started looking after this individual out of a sense of responsibility, but quickly realize just how much work it is. Threatening them, threatening to withhold support and no longer stopping by is certainly one way to go about it, but that’s not the right one.

Understanding their perspective is the best first step.

Most people, when they are younger, stronger, and healthier than their aging parents or other family members, have a tendency to overlook the daily challenges those seniors may face. For example, getting out of bed, popping up on your feet, jumping into the shower, getting dressed quick, drying your hair, grabbing a quick bite to eat, and rushing out the door is so commonplace that younger adults don’t give it a second thought.

However, how might it feel for that person if he or she was suddenly facing a disability? What if that person had broken their leg in several places and had to use extreme care whenever moving around? They would most likely either take a lot longer to complete tasks, rely on help, or both of the above.

In some cases, it might be uncomfortable to rely on assistance.

It might be a family member or friend who is offering to help. But what if it was a complete stranger? By understanding how perspective may be different for this senior, family and friends could develop a better approach to talking about various home care options.

By understanding a person’s perspective, by being empathetic to their situation, it could provide a better platform from which to discuss these options and help encourage the senior that no matter what type of help is hired, they are still independent, autonomous people who have every right to decide what kind of support they receive.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care for seniors in Colts Neck, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Lares Home Care 888-492-3538 or 732-566-1112.

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Roy Kleinert

Roy Kleinert is the owner of Lares Home Care which was started in early 2015.After working on Wall Street for 25 years Roy decided to start a home care business to help seniors age in place with dignity and grace.Lares Home Care is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and making sure clients get the best care.Roy resides in Marlboro with his beloved wife, two children and two dogs.Roy volunteers along with his pet therapy dog Max at local hospital, rehab facility and senior living homes.Roy also volunteers with both of his daughter’s softball teams.

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