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5 Ways to Help an Aging Parent Stay Safer

When you’re worried about the safety of your mother or father, especially as they get older, it can cause you to lose sleep at night. It’s easy to start drifting off and suddenly a thought occurs to you: what if they fell and haven’t been able to call for help? Safety for seniors can be compromised with age, health issues, and other challenges.

Senior Home Safety in Turnersville NJ: 5 Tips for Improving Safety

Senior Home Safety in Turnersville NJ: 5 Tips for Improving Safety

It’s not always easy to know what to do. Some adult children and spouses make the wrong choice when they know an elderly parent, husband, wife, or somebody else is just not as safe as they could be at home. Here are five ways you might be able to help an elderly parent stay a bit safer within the comfort of their home.

1. Improve lighting.

While the days are starting to get longer, the nights are still long as well. That means lighting becomes even more important during the later afternoon and evening hours. If lighting is poor, some elderly men and women may have more difficulty seeing well. This can be exacerbated by certain vision related problems, including cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

Make sure lightbulbs are in good condition and consider adding more lamps in certain rooms, as this can help.

2. Hire support.

Home care aides can be there for their elderly clients for just a couple of hours at a time, maybe in the morning, late afternoon, or evening. They might not even be required for more than once or twice a week to start. These caregivers can improve safety tremendously for many seniors.

3. Install grab bars.

Grab bars, properly installed in the tub or shower surround, give seniors and others something to hold onto when stepping into and out of the shower. If they slip, they can stay on their feet. Remember, grab bars are nothing like towel bars and need to be installed properly.

4. Reduce slick floor surfaces.

Ceramic or linoleum tile in a bathroom can become extremely slick when wet. The same holds true in the kitchen. By adding nonslip pads and mats, this helps to reduce the risk of slipping.

5. Clean up the leaves and sticks outside now.

If there are still on the ground, clean them up, especially around walkways, the driveway, and other areas where the elderly homeowner may go. Leaves, even though they may look dry on the surface, could be wet underneath and when they are, they can be extremely slick.

For example, on a recently sealed driveway, this combination of water and leaves can be almost as slippery as ice.

By focusing on these things, it can help aging seniors stay safer at home.

For home care to improve senior home safety in Turnersville, NJ, and the surrounding areas, call and talk to us at Home to Stay Healthcare Solutions (856) 720-0100.

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Andrew Dubler

I am the Owner of Home to Stay of Cherry Hill, NJ. Home to Stay is a licensed New Jersey home care agency, providing full service home care support, both live-in and hourly, for elderly and other NJ clients. Services include: light housekeeping, personal care, meal preparation, family respite, errands, etc. In general, a customized plan is designed with the client’s particular situation in mind. We use NJ State Certified Home Health Care Aides.

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