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Connecting with Younger Veterans Can Benefit Seniors and Help Them Learn About Valuable Pensions Like Aid and Attendance

For aging veterans, some might have a difficult time connecting with younger generations. The experiences they had during their time of service will often be much different than those of their counterparts in their 30s, 40s, or even their 50s. However, there are plenty of benefits to connecting with younger veterans that extend far beyond just exchanging ‘war stories.’

Care for Aging Veterans in Cherry Hill NJ: Connecting with Younger Veterans

Care for Aging Veterans in Cherry Hill NJ: Connecting with Younger Veterans

Some people are aware of different pension programs through the VA.

There are plenty of veterans out there who are fully aware of pensions like the Aid and Attendance Benefit or the Homebound program. They might not have any specific need for these pensions themselves, but they might know a veteran who has been disabled or who is struggling with their own physical capabilities at home and could benefit from them.

When older and younger veterans connect with one another, there could be a mutual share of information or benefit that is gained.

What is the Aid and Attendance Benefit?

For veterans of all ages, when they need any type of long-term home care, this pension could provide financial support and assistance if they are limited in their income and assets and simply couldn’t afford it on their own.

It’s often a confusing pension program.

That’s because some veterans assume they need to have fought in a forward combat situation. An elderly veteran who served a few days at the tail end of the Vietnam War, for example, who was stationed on an aircraft carrier off of the coast of Africa, may assume this pension is not something they could apply for. After all, they never got close to combat, so why would they be eligible for it?

The time of service needs only to have overlapped an official time of combat, as defined by Congress.

Another veteran may assume since he or she wasn’t injured or disabled during their time of active duty service that this pension doesn’t apply to them. While it was initially developed to help soldiers returning from World War I who had been injured and disabled during combat, it has expanded through the years and now provides financial assistance to those who may have been injured or disabled any time during service or long after it.

A veteran needs to be able to show that home care is a necessity to assist with basic care at home. They also need to meet minimum service requirements and have limited income and assets. When veterans of all ages connect with one another, more of them, men and women alike, could begin understanding how various programs might actually benefit them, especially when they need it most.

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