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Caregiver Stress in Lakewood NJ: Reclaiming Your Home

Reclaiming Your Home from an Aging Parent Who’s Basically Taken Over Can Start with Home Care Support

By Kate Jenkins | Jun 27, 2018

You might feel completely frustrated when an aging parent moves in with you and your family and they seem to take over everything. You wanted your mother or father to be safe and it made perfect sense since you had the extra room, but you didn’t lay any ground rules down, didn’t think ahead, and…

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Caregiver Stress in Mt. Laurel NJ: Losing Motivation

When the Motivation to Care for an Aging Parent Loses Out to the Stress It Causes

By Andrew Dubler | May 28, 2018

At first, Rachel was more than happy to help her mother. At 76 and living alone, Rachel knew she was having some difficulties with her health and mobility. She had been doing some things -running some errands- for her for several years, but she never considered herself a caregiver. When her mother had been hospitalized…

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Caregiver Stress in Mercerville NJ: Connecting with Other Family Caregivers

What Could ‘Connecting’ with Other Family Caregivers Do for Stress Levels?

By Dr. Shelly Chinkes, DPM | May 25, 2018

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: taking care of an aging or disabled adult in your family is going to cause stress. You might not consider yourself a caregiver, but if you help somebody with certain basic tasks and it becomes a consistent thing, even if it’s just during recovery from a major medical emergency…

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Caregiver Stress in Middletown NJ: Putting Plans on Hold

Where Would You Go If You Didn’t Have to Be a Family Caregiver?

By Roy Kleinert | Apr 24, 2018

Jane didn’t really think of herself as a family caregiver. Yet, she had been looking after her father for more than a few months. Her mother was dealing with her own health issues, and when her father had a stroke, she didn’t want to ignore him. Jane lived right down the road. She lived only…

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